About Our Organization

Free State Strategic Services provides targeted advertising and marketing solutions to the federal government and state and local agencies designed to reach Americans nationwide.

We work closely with critical agencies across a wide variety of industries to ensure their campaign needs are being met.

Free State Strategic Services is the state, local and federal business development unit of Sinclair, Inc.  a diversified media company. Our mission is to provide the federal government, along with state and local agencies, a full suite of targeted digital marketing and advertising solutions to help government agencies communicate with the American public efficiently and effectively.

Our goal is to provide targeted solutions that generate impact, raise awareness, and produce meaningful results. We operate across all industries with dedicated verticals focused on Defense/Law Enforcement, Higher Education, Healthcare and Non-Profit, General Awareness and Tourism.

Our team has decades of experience in Washington, DC and understands the challenges that agencies face when trying to communicate with the American public. To meet this need, we have delivered hundreds of measurable campaigns nationwide in support of a variety of federal, state, and local agencies, including the Army National Guard, the US Navy, the US Marines, and the US Department of Justice.

Let us simplify your agency’s next campaign with a solution designed to reach your target audience.

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